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One of the very most important factors of a wedding to me is the “where”, (besides the “who” of course :) ). I feel like the venue is so important, not because you need to please or impress every single one of your guests, but because it needs to reflect the bride and the groom. Like I mentioned in a previous post, before getting engaged I had NO idea of ANY details I wanted for my wedding. I unfortunately was not one to plan this all out on Pintrest before I ever had a ring like many smart girls do. Therefore, it took a TON of researching high and low to find the perfect spot for us.

Zac and I knew we wanted a rustic / country themed venue, so that helped to narrow down our venues a bit. I would say I looked at information for probably 15 different venues in the Lexington/Danville areas of central Kentucky. We physically visited NINE of them! I just adore Zac for being a lenient groom who goes along with anything, but I just think it is especially precious that he was interested in coming to each one with me and weighing the pros and cons. We found some really incredible venues that just had breathtaking views and incredibly friendly event planners. However, almost all of them were just either too small for our large guest list or weren’t as rustic as we had hoped for. In addition, we are really trying to be money conscious. I never understood how brides got so carried away in the cost of a wedding…but now I totally get it and see how easy it is to do!

It has been 3.5 months since we have been engaged, and we have FINALLY booked a venue!!! It is SO ironic that it happens to be in our hometown of Danville since we were accepting of the fact that we may have to travel in order to find what we wanted. We LOVE the fact that it is local for us and our families and for the fact that we get to bring some business to Danville, the city our hearts are truly attached to. Considering Danville was voted into the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Friendly Small Towns in America by Rand McNally Atlas – we are incredibly excited to show it off!

And the big reveal….drum roll please… our date is June 6th, 2015 at the Bluegrass Wedding Barn!


The Bluegrass Wedding Barn

The Bluegrass Wedding Barn


We decided on the Bluegrass Wedding Barn because of it’s size for our guests, its rustic-naturalness, incredible views of rolling hills, and their interior chandeliers and hanging twinkle lights which could win anyone over! However, we most importantly decided on this venue over every single other one in Kentucky because of Janna and Steve DiDomenico. They are one of the most welcoming and cheerful couple we’ve ever met. It has been a joy thus far collaborating with them and I know it will only get better from here on out. Cheers to being able to finally move on to planning other things! I’m finding that I have to calm myself down… I literally want to book every single last detail right this moment… despite having 1.5 years left to go!

1/2 of the interior of the barn with lighting

1/2 of the interior of the barn with lighting

The Hills of the Bluegrass Wedding Barn

The Hills of the Bluegrass Wedding Barn


If any of my lovely readers are future KY brides themselves who want a rustic venue, please don’t hesitate to message me on here or through the Modeled By Maria Facebook page. I would be absolutely delighted to share a spreadsheet I have made of the venues with you. You may think I’m slightly obsessive upon reading it… haha! But I would have done anything for someone to have had all that information to send to me! It would be easy to pick a venue if the rental fee included the same things in each venue, but that’s far from true! This spreadsheet has the rental costs of each venue, the amount of chairs /tables they have, sneaky additional costs that are mandatory but not included in the rental cost, taxes, the amount you’d spend on getting more tables/chairs to reach your guest count, if they require a cater, the average food cost, limitation on alcohol, description, and much more than you’d ever realized you needed to know! I look forward to sharing this with you as well as keeping ya’ll updated as I continue to progress in wedding planning! Onto other chores…or maybe I’ll just go check out bridemaid dresses on Pintrest now :)

Some of the above photos are by Nina and Wes photography


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  1. Sarah

    As a 2015 bride, I would love to see your spreadsheet! Thanks in advance!

    1. Maria Montgomery

      Of course Sarah! I’d love to share it with you! Can you send me your email address please ?

  2. Sarah


  3. Debbie

    Hi Maria,
    My niece is getting married, and it would be great if we had a spreadsheet that has all of the info that you have compiled. You can email me at dhf3x3eqls9@embarqmail.com. Thanks so much for your help and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!
    Thanks so much,

  4. Brittany

    Could you send me your spreadsheet? My best friend is getting married in May and still searching for her perfect rustic venue.

  5. Kaley

    If you still have your spread sheet I would love to see it! I think it would be very helpful in my planning process! Thanks! kaley.jackson@aol.com

  6. Jamie

    I would love the spreadsheet. My daughter is getting married June 2015.. Thanks and good luck!

  7. Briana

    I would love to see the spread sheet. Thank you so much in advance!

  8. Amelia Mattingly

    Hi Maria!

    Me and my Fiance will not tie the knot until 2016 but I would love to see your spreadsheet! And we are definatly looking in to the Bluegrass Wedding barn since we live close and it is absolutly beautiful! Thank you so much :)


  9. Kayla

    As a newly engaged lexington bride going for a rustic chic wedding, I would love to see your spreadsheet of venues. I’m so thankful to have found your page!


  10. Chelsea

    hi if you could send me your spreadsheet! as a newly engaged couple I would love to see it.. if you could email me at chelsealikescereal@gmail.com thank you so much!

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